Technical Support

Support to help you if you are experiencing difficulties listening to our radio.

Technical Support

This website is designed and built to work on all standards browsers. In order to have the best possible online experience, we recommend the following browsers.


Adobe flash player installation recommended for browsers without native mp3 support.
IE users recommended to upgrade to IE 9+ version.

Multi-player Links

If you experiencing difficulties listening to our radio, please try one the of the following options.

ituneswmvlp  qtwarp

If your Internet connection is firewalled try this port 80 link (Winamp)

Smart Phone Links

Waves of Power on your website

Copy and paste the code below to your web page to include our radio player on your website.

<iframe width=”300″ name=”wop” height=”300″ src=”” border=”0″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” align=”center” hspace=”0″ vspace=”0″></iframe>