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Waves of Power Bible Seminary

From time to time Waves of Power (WOP) will present biblical topics as college-level courses packed with relevant information. These courses are maintained at a high quality and comparable with those taught at well-known theological seminaries. The purpose of these courses is to teach the listeners the forgotten history of the Reformation and its theology. Our sincere prayer is to light, through the Seminary, a fire of an unquenchable revival that will last until the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Reformers, though they differed in their opinions, held firmly to two pillars: 1. Sola Gratia, Sola Christo,and Sola Scriptura 2. The biblical prophesies pointed to the Papal System as the Antichrist.

Sola Gratia means ‘Grace Alone’, that is we are saved by God’s grace alone and nothing more one can add. This salvation is received through Sola Fide, that is, ‘by faith alone’ without any works. Sola Christo means ‘ through Christ Alone’ without ministration of saints or Mary. Sola Scriptura means that the Hebrew writings of the Jewish Canon and the 27 Greek Christian writings contained today in the Protestant Bible constitute the only authority in the matters of Christian faith. This rejects all other writings and traditions, both oral or written.

Finally, Soli Deo Gloria means ‘glory only to God’. All that we do–such as fasts, prayers, good deeds, even our faith–are gifts of the Holy Spirit. Therefore any earthly system that usurps God’s attributes becomes an AntiChrist. The reformers concluded that the Roman Catholic hier- archy is the AntiChrist. This was based on the historical fulfilment of the prophecies found in the seventh chapter of Daniel, as well as in the apocalyptic writings of the New Testament.

We explore topics such as salvation, worship, and last day events in our courses and we will not be dogmatic about the materials, but point out the historical differences that have given rise to many denominations and movements.

The first course on Galatians will introduce students the beginnings of the spirit of the Reformation. Martin Luther, the Champion of the Reformation, claims that he is married to this epistle. The true, unadulterated Gospel was introduced in the earliest New Testament writing of Galatians and then expanded in the epistle to Romans. The ecstasy experienced by Paul in the Gospel is expressed in the letter to Ephesians. Here, he calls it a mystery hidden for ages but now being expounded.

The follow-up course will be on Romans and Ephesians.

Course Descriptions

BIBLICAL STUDIES BIBL 341 The Gospel in Galatians.
An exploration of the Reformation Theology found in the letter of Paul to Galatians.

BIBL 342 The Gospel in Romans and Ephesians.
Prerequisite: BIBL 341
Continuation of BIBL 341 to the writings of Paul to Romans and Ephesians.