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Now offering live stream services

Waves of Power (WOP) is known for making joyful noise on the net for Jesus Christ for the last 8 year. People from many parts of the country and world not only listen but also take part in our live and on-demand radio services. Now, the doors are opening and we are able to show the world the love of Christ. God has opened a one more way for us to support the WOP ministry.

WOP is now able to stream live church services or any church related events over the Internet live or on-demand. WOP has been streaming our own programs from our Toronto studio. We connect live to our branch ministry in India and broadcast the events from both countries at the same time.

We are now offering these streaming video and audio services to all churches in Toronto for a reasonable fee which goes back into our ministry’s support. We are well equipped and ready to serve you. Please contact us for more information.

We come to your church or the premises, capture the events using our camera (or your’s) and broadcast it live instantly. After the event we will present you a DV tape or a DVD of the event with minimal editing. You may edit it further if you so desire.

Call us and try once and see if this is something that you can use for your ministry.