About us

Waves of power(WOP) is a 24 hour gospel broadcaster sharing the gospel of His Kingdom through worship and Word. Launched in July 2004 by broadcaster Vincent Manuelpillai, Waves of Power is the first ever live Tamil internet gospel radio.

Our station, based in Toronto, reaches multiethnic communities in Canada and Tamils across Europe, Middle-East, Sri Lanka and India. With spiritually uplifting talk shows, bible studies, messages and gospel music, our programs are created to grow and strengthen your spiritual life. We also webcast select shows via live web TV.

Our mission is to reach people for Christ through our broadcast in an effective and interactive way.

Our Values

Waves of Power is committed to the ideals found in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and holds to the core values that propelled the Reformers to uphold unshakeable faith, many times, even unto their cruel death.

  • Sola Gracia
    Waves of Power proclaims that men and women are saved by grace alone through obedient faith in Jesus Christ. No works, however noble and good, cannot earn salvation, which is a one-hundred-percent gift of God.
  • Sola Christos
    Waves of Power believes wholeheartedly that there is no other person or program than Jesus Christ, whereby men and women can be saved. Christ alone saves.
  • Sola Scriptura
    Waves of Power accepts the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures as the only authority by which everything is judged. There is no room for human tradition or opinions of clergy.
  • Antichrist
    Waves of Power agrees with the unanimous identity of the Antichrist power by the Reformers. It was based on the apocalyptic prophecies of Daniel and the disciple John.
  • Service
    Waves of Power will model the best of service in relations to its constituents and stakeholders, and exemplify compassion in every aspect of its service to others.
  • Integrity
    Waves of Power will be known for integrity, honesty and transparency in all transactions and be held accountable for the funds it receives.
  • Community
    Waves of Power is a community of believers dedicated to revealing Christ’s way of life by ministering to physical, mental, spiritual and social dimensions of a person and at the same time them to respect God-given human rights.

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